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How to Handle Selling Your Raleigh House and Buying In Another State

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Regardless of what they are, dealing with real estate ventures is a pretty tricky business. Especially when it comes to more complex endeavors such as selling your Raleigh house and buying in another state, you need to have a few aces up your sleeve to succeed. Luckily, many have gone this route before you and have gathered and shared their experiences. Many people have moved from Raleigh to New Hampshire, for example. We’ve picked the most constructive and useful ones and made a guide that you can utilize and improve upon as you see fit.

Be clear and strict with your budget

First of all, before you get to selling your Raleigh house and buying In another state, you’ll need to make some firm decisions. The most crucial factor you’ll take into account is your budget. Both the budget limit that you’ll set for purchasing as well as the price limit you’ll set for selling your old property should be well thought out. If you’re not too sure about the most realistic and objective way to approach this, you can always consult either a RE agent or a financial advisor. Take into account how much the other homes in your neighborhood go for in both cases, and you’ll have a pretty decent idea of what to expect.

Your organizational skills need to be top-notch

Even though this won’t all happen in a day or two, some chores and obligations will undoubtedly overlap. Make sure to dedicate some time to creating a list of all the things you’ll need to get to. If you’re not the most organized and timetables and lists aren’t your thing, this might take a while and a bit of energy. It would be ideal to contact someone good at creating a realistic and achievable schedule to help you.

Make the most of virtual home seller and buyer options

If your schedule is tight and you don’t know how to achieve everything on your plate, there might be another way. Luckily, nowadays, you can do pretty much everything over the internet. It’s become much easier to get the data that you need and even finalize deals virtually, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

There’s quite a bit that you can do online when buying and selling a home without actually having to be physically present.

A woman sitting and trying to find suitable home listings on her laptop.

Here are some of the best things you can achieve this way:

  • Virtual open hours

If you’re purchasing a home in New Hampshire and cannot get there to see all the properties you’re interested in, you can always virtually get a good look. Some sites even make it possible to see how your furniture would look inside your potential home.

  • Find a RE agent and make deals

If you haven’t found a good RE agent to help you with selling your Raleigh house and buying in another state, do so online. Make sure to check their credentials thoroughly.

  • Pay and get paid

Any payments that you need to sort out can be made over the internet, no matter their size. Be sure to do this as safely as possible.

Utilize storage as much as you need

Since you’ll be pretty busy with selling and purchasing a home, you might need a place to store your belongings for the time being. One of the best solutions is renting short-term storage. This way, your items will be safe and sound until you’re ready to unpack them and relocate them to your new address.

Try not to let selling your Raleigh house and buying in another state overlap

The best way to approach this is to sell your home before purchasing the new one and moving. Of course, not everything will be so black and white, and you’ll need to compromise sometimes. Your best bet would be to plan as if this ideal situation will happen and then readjust if need be.

Find a reliable RE agent

Finding a good RE agent who’ll help with selling and buying will get you a long way. Don’t try to skimp or hurry this process. Choosing these professionals will determine the success of the upcoming period. The best way to find a trustworthy team is if you know someone who’s gone through a similar process. If not, make sure to always double-check the credentials of the agency you’re looking into.

Make sure to find a reliable and flexible RE agent that’ll have your back.

Two people shaking hands before selling their Raleigh house and buying in another state.

Purchasing a new home

Make sure to prepare yourself for buying a home in New Hampshire or another state. This doesn’t only imply hiring the right agency and all the other technical stuff. Understand that you’re looking for your next home. Aside from its location and all the must-haves on your list, it needs to feel like home. Follow your gut feeling while finding a place where you belong.

Don’t neglect your upcoming move

Even though selling and buying properties can take a toll on you, you mustn’t neglect the upcoming move. Relocating to New Hampshire needs your attention as much as anything else. Even though leaving can be hard and you’ll have challenging moments, this is a positive thing. The more you focus on all you need to accomplish, the less sad and distressed you’ll feel.

Say goodbye to your Raleigh home

Of course, even though you should be as productive as possible, you still need to emotionally detach from your home and say your goodbyes. Just like with everything else, make sure to set some time aside for this too. Organize a going-away party for your friends, family, and colleagues, and allow yourself to feel sad for a bit. In the same manner, though, try to think of all the great things that’ll come with your new location.

Set some time aside to organize a little gathering with your favorite people before you move.

People having a going-away party for a person that’s just sold their Raleigh house and bought one in another state.

Mistakes happen

Finally, mistakes are something that you need to prepare yourself for when selling your Raleigh house and buying in another state. No matter how much you plan and all the great professionals that’ll surround you, things still might go awry. Be sure to dust yourself off and continue as if nothing had ever happened.

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