Why you shouldn’t remodel your Raleigh house if you want to sell it quickly

Time and money, inexorably intertwined, it always seems the more we have of one, the less we have of the other. That’s why you are here, after all. The title of the article represents a conundrum in and of itself. The main reason you would want to remodel your home is to increase its value. To sell something quickly, you can’t be bogged down in renovation work. Adding extra value requires time. A quick sale means there is no time…you see the vicious little cycle forming, don’t you? The motivation behind performing a little work before selling it is sound, but it might not play out the way you thought it would. On the one hand, there are plenty of reasons to sell your house as-is in Raleigh, with no need to invest additional funds and time. On the other hand, let’s take a more concrete look at why you shouldn’t remodel your Raleigh house if you want to sell it quickly

The Words ‘Quick’ and ‘Project’ Don’t Play Well Together

I don’t know about you, but I have rarely heard the phrase ‘Ah yes, my contractors are so punctual, always pulling me by the sleeve and asking to finish the job as quickly as possible. Substantial renovation work is time-consuming, even if everything is running ideally. The ideal is another word that doesn’t get along with projects. Unless we are talking about minor cosmetic fix-ups, the chances are the remodeling will take a while. The work is time-consuming, unpredictable and prone to delays. It can be an even bigger deal for all those perfectionists out there who are frustrated by the lack of an Oxford comma in the previous sentence (you know who you are). Remodeling, in this case, probably means hovering over the contractors, pointing out minor mistakes. This adds to the time dimension of the whole project and eats away at your nerves to boot. All of these are reasons why you shouldn’t remodel your Raleigh house if you want to sell it quickly. Furthermore, there are additional ways to speed up the selling process that you can look into.

Why you shouldn’t remodel your Raleigh house if you want to sell it quickly- There…are…always…delays!

You Need to Spend Money to Earn Money…Well, Not Always

We flirted with this idea in the opening paragraph. There is logic in thinking that by sprucing up your house and it giving a fresh lick of paint, you’ll get a better price. The fact of the matter is, it is a bit of a gamble. Some projects have a better return on investment than others. There are statistics out there that you can check, and in a lot of cases, real estate agents can advise you based on their experience. Statistics seem to suggest that exterior renovations have a better ROI than interior upgrades. If I had followed my gut feeling, I would have thought it the other way around. Who cares about the outside? While that feels like sound thinking, we often forget about the psychological factors that make us human. We are told not to do it, but we still judge a book by its cover. By foregoing the renovation work and potential pitfalls it entails, and by reading up on staging tips to help you sell fast in Raleigh instead, you’ll save both time and money! 

When Being the Best is Not the Best

Carrying on with the sentiment from the previous heading, psychology is a tricky rascal. Owning the best home on the block can instill a sense of pride. Rightly so. It can leave you feeling lucky and joyous – as it should. You could feel like it is a million-dollar home, the best there is for miles around, and as such, it should have a similar price tag. Completely false, unfortunately. See, this is where our minds trick us. They don’t see the bigger picture. The neighborhood is the bigger picture. If your house is substantially bigger and pricier than all your neighbors, then who is exactly going to be interested in paying this hefty selling price? The neighborhood is made up of a similar demographic, people with relatively similar incomes. Yes, there will be variations, but in your area, there is an average selling price; you can rise above it to a certain extent, but at a point, the returns are not even close to being proportional to what you put in.

De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum

No, I am not suffering from a sudden bout of dyslexia, just flexing my Latin muscle. All jokes aside, as many of you may know, this roughly translates to: ‘In matters of taste, there can be no disputes’. It means personal preferences can be neither right nor wrong. Nice phrase, good for nipping many a would-be argument in the bud, but it’s not really applicable when it comes to money. The problem is you will be remodeling with your tastes in mind. So, if a pesky neighbor should try to bad-mouth the new purple tiles you fitted into the bathroom, the above phrase can help cut that argument short. If you are hoping to recuperate the money that you spent on those tiles, and then some, get ready for a nasty shock. Yes, maybe you will find buyers with remarkably similar tastes, but don’t bank on it unless you want your bank account looking a little worse for wear.

Interesting to see at a friend’s house, but not what many would consider the ideal positioning of a bathtub

Relocation, Not Renovation

If you are looking to make that quick sale and have as much money left at the end of the transaction as possible, remodeling may not be the way to go. Once the sale is made, there will be one more cost to cover. Relocating. Better you divert that would-be renovation work money to that cause. Long-distance moves in North Carolina can be tricky. They, just like remodeling, for that matter, require patience and careful planning. Having the pros in your corner can help. Hiring professional movers will ensure that nothing goes wrong. So make sure to find a high-quality company that will help you reach your new home in no time at all. And unlike some of the renovation projects, they are always worth the investment.

No need to complicate a quick sale with remodeling and no need to complicate relocating by doing it on your own

Short and Sweet

I could have spent a lot more time trying to think of a better heading for my final paragraph. Would it have paid off? Since you have read this far, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference. Hmm…seems like a perfect analogy for why you shouldn’t remodel your Raleigh house if you want to sell it quickly, now doesn’t it?

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